Egg-Citing Decoration Ideas for Easter

Sometimes decorating for Holidays can be daunting… I never want to climb the ladder to get the totes down and pack up the other decor to make room. I mean lets be real. My Christmas has barely been put away two months at this point; however, I pause to think how happy my kids will be with all of the eggs and bunnies everywhere. So I do it for them truly. And me I suppose. It’s kind of like working out. I never WANT to do it but has anyone ever said “I’m mad I made time for that workout?” no! So, the cycle repeats itself and 

If I’m honest, I’m also a tightwad. So anyway I can spice up my normal decor with a little “fluff” I’m here for it! This year, out of desperation and not wanting to make a trip to hobby lobby, a happy mistake happen! I used leftover easter grass to jazz up my indoor plants and it is truly the cutest thing ever. This, anyone could do.

I customized some linens I picked up from Walmart for $2.00 each. I sent them to the embroidery shop for her to add our brand. I expected the brand to be at the bottom corner but the way she applied it I had to reimagine how I was going to use the linens. But it turned out even cuter than I had planned! What do you think?

So moral of the story, even if it is a little splash here and there… do a little seasonal decorating! It will bring joy to your household. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Collect things over the years instead of feeling like it will cost you a fortune to do anything cool! Use inexpensive grasses and plastic eggs to throw around and add a little color if nothing else! After all, we are celebrating Big J. raising from the dead and all! It’s worth decorating for in my books. ;)