Elevate Your Space With An Accent Wall

Looking for a fun and affordable way to elevate your space? An accent wall is your answer! The power of an accent wall adds a special element to your interior design and can serve many benefits. To help break up long, narrow spaces usually found in hallways, try adding an accent wall at the far end to offer a focal point and visually break up the space.

You can also incorporate an accent wall behind large furniture pieces, like a bed or sofa, to help anchor the furniture and pull everything together in a room.

Entryways are a great place to create a strong first impression when entering a home or office. Pair an accent wall with a sideboard and table lamp to create an inviting vignette. And don’t just stop at walls, accent ceilings bring warmth to a room for a cozier feel and add a fun and unique flare.

Painting an accent wall is the easiest and most affordable option, but also consider wallpaper, shiplap, moulding, or even stone or wood for a more rustic feel. Make sure the colors you select work well with the existing colors in the room. Stick with warm tones, or cool tones, but try avoiding mixing the two.

But most importantly, have fun and be creative!