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Stuart Ranch Bar S Queen Bed

Stuart Ranch Bar S Queen Bed

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This line of beds takes inspiration from the original Stuart Ranch brand, which has been a pioneer in the industry. The meaning behind the iconic 7S brand, used by Colonel Stuart and his wife Ida when they first established the ranch, is often a topic of interest. In the 1950s, their son Bob added a tail to the bar on his personal cattle to distinguish them. Today, the 7S brand is used on the left hip and rib of cattle, while the Bar S is used on Corriente cattle and a single S is used on horses. The ranch has grown to over 45,000 acres spread across several counties in Oklahoma. The beef cow operation includes Hereford and Black Baldy cows, bred with Angus and Hereford bulls. The Corriente Division also utilizes Corriente cows and bulls.



64"W X 58" H


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