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Stuart Ranch Smokehouse Queen Bed

Stuart Ranch Smokehouse Queen Bed

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The Stuart Ranch Smokehouse Queen Bed draws inspiration from the hunting traditions of the Stuart family. Its design features rich brown leather and striped velvet, reminiscent of a traditional hunting lodge. Since its establishment in 2009, Stuart Ranch Outfitters has continued the family's long-standing passion for hunting, with a particular focus on Trophy Whitetail deer, hogs, turkey, and waterfowl. In fact, the iconic photo displayed above was taken decades ago on the Smokehouse at the original homestead in Caddo, where the family used to preserve their hogs. Today, the Smokehouse still stands as a reminder of the Stuart family's deep-rooted hunting traditions. Even in the 1950s, Bob Stuart was known for running exceptional field trial dogs, including his prized pointer "the Queen of Oklahoma," Luminary's Susie, and his Brittany Spaniel, "Corky," both of whom won numerous trials. Their photos are proudly displayed in this room, further emphasizing



67"W X 62.5" H


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